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Sacred Choral Reading Session

Sacred Choral Reading Session January 2018

To Register: Call  (800) 772-8405

Join Pender’s and clinician Pepper Choplin on January 6, 2018 for the Sacred Choral Reading Session! Hear new spring and Easter choral music including choral anthems, children’s books, piano, organ, Easter cantatas, vocal solos and duets, handbells, and more! Enjoy morning refreshments and a complimentary music packet, and participate with up to four members of your congregation (director plus three).

January 6, 2018

Grace United Methodist Church
6316 N Tulsa
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

$10.00 per person
Limit 4 per church (example: director plus 3)

8:30 Registration (coffee and donuts)
9:00 Session begins
10:45 Break (refreshments)
11:00 Session Continues
12:30 Session ends

To Register: Call John Staton at (800) 772-8405 or e-mail John at

Get Ready for Spring and Easter Worship

New Easter Cantatas for 2016

Pender’s has teamed up with some of our favorite composers and arrangers to offer you the best selection of new spring and Easter music. Check out the new cantatas or give us a call at (800) 772-5918 if there’s something specific you need to get ready for a new year. We’re always available via email at

Amazing Love

Amazing Love by Lloyd Larson and Joel Rainey
Choir directors! Looking for a new cantata for the observance of Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide? Consider this beautiful SATB portrayal of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection. Lloyd Larson has included seven choruses and even some optional congregational singing. For a limited time Pender’s offers a free spiral copy if you purchase at least 25 books! Preview materials and listen to samples before you buy!


New 2016 Spring and Easter Anthems
WorshipSongs200px2016 Worship Songs Are Here

Check out our newest publications from Hal Leonard and Shawnee Press to get a jump on your Easter selections. You can browse, look at scores, and listen to previews of our new worship music selection online, and at the Hal Leonard/Shawnee Press Church Choral YouTube Channel.


Lorenz Church Musicians

Lorenz Choral Anthems, Collections, and More
Find exactly what you need to prepare your church community for spring and Easter with Lorenz’s huge selection of worship sheet music and CDs, compiled by musicians and worship leaders like you. Choose from over fifty new anthems, bestselling instrumental pieces, classic cantatas, and more from the Lorenz Church Musician Spring 2016 collection.

Head over to our choral promotions page to find the latest Pender’s choral music, or give Pender’s sheet music specialists a call at 1-800-772-5918 or email if there’s something specific you’re looking for. We’d love to help.


What is MSMISP? -or- Who Wants $1000 of Free Sheet Music?

We had the good fortune to speak with TMEA about the MSMISP grant program more in depth. They were very helpful in providing answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. We thought we would share what they had to say.

 The Middle School Music Instructional Support Program (MSMISP) is a grant program from TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) for 6-8th grade Choir, Orchestra and Band directors in Texas. It will provide $1,000 (yes, a full grand!) for sheet music to programs who are selected in the 2014 – 2015 school year. If you end up going over the grand TMEA will give you then your district will be billed for the difference. Penders is offering free shipping so you can make full use of your thousand without worry.

In order to qualify the director must have current membership with TMEA and teach at a Texas middle school. Applications may be submitted from September 15, 2014 to October 15, 2014. There is a total of $500,000 that will be allocated based on current funding and size of the program. So, if you want a snapshot of your program’s chances of getting this money, simply divide your budget by the number of students you have. If your dollar-per-student is lower than the state average you will have a great shot at getting a grant.

TMEA has told us that as of September 24, 2014there are only 230 applications filed, that means that even if you have a million dollars in the your budget you should still apply. There are currently 2,800 qualified campuses in Texas so odds are most of you haven’t even heard of this program. Even if you teach programs at multiple schools you can apply, the grant money is program specific not director specific. Even private school programs can get this money so you really have no reason not to apply.

Let’s get one thing straight, though, this music may only be used for sheet music designed for a full ensemble so you won’t be able to fund your next few years of solo and ensemble with this money. It also can’t be used for pop pieces such as show tunes or accompaniment CD’s. A limited number of sight-reading pieces will be acceptable in TMEA’s view. Finally, choral applications with less than 10 individual sheets per piece will be asked to bring that number up to an amount that can serve a choir rather than can be used for perusal. TMEA’s explicit goal is to place challenging music in front of every middle school choir, orchestra and band student in Texas.

Your application will need to be submitted with a quote from a qualified vendor that includes shipping (again, Penders has free shipping on all MSMISP quotes). TMEA will review each piece and let you know if something doesn’t work for the use of the money. If you get the grant the quote will then be sent back to the vendor who will fill your order will be paid directly from TMEA. They are considering allowing refunds and exchanges in extreme scenarios only but will be subject to an approval process at TMEA before they can be completed.

On their site TMEA has outlined some criteria to help you select music appropriate for this program.

Quickly they are:

  • Works that offer insight into significant composers.
  • Works that have cultural, historical relevance as defined by the TEKS.
  • Works that extend the technical demands and musical limitations normally associated with middle school repertoire.
  • Works that can be related to other artistic genre such as dance, visual arts and literature

If you were confused by some of these points don’t worry, so were we.

First, we asked what their definition of a significant composer was. They told us it is going to be anyone of historical or musical significance to include contemporary composers (think Tichelli, Whitacre and the like) and those doing Hollywood music (John Williams, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore and others). But again, NO POP.

In regards to the last point about relating to other genres, they said a piece would qualify under this condition if it could be related to another academic subject and specifically quoted ‘Of Sailors and Whales’ by Francis McBeth to relate to literature, ‘Solitary Dancer’ by Warren Benson to relate to dance and any piece with multiple time signatures or difficult rhythms to relate to math. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list so be creative when applying this one.

While these may seem restricting, TMEA has told us that anything on the UIL list that is appropriate for the average 6 – 8th grade ensemble will be fair game but they stressed that pieces grade 3 and above are their preference. This list is primarily meant to guide your selection of music outside the UIL list.

TMEA wants to work with you to provide your students with the best music education available. They will be reviewing each application personally and will do line by line acceptance of pieces rather than whole application rejection or acceptance. If something you selected is outside their expectations they will contact you. But feel free to contact TMEA or Penders with any questions or concerns you may have.

 TMEA wants to give you $1000 in music and my barber always told me to never reject money more than once.

 Get your application in now! Penders can help you do it. If you have any more questions then please email or call us (our information is below). You can also send us your list of music and we will return your proposal within one business day so you can get your application in quickly.

 Pender’s Music Co

1 (800) 772-5918

Church Choral Reading Session with Joel Raney

Join us this Saturday, January 12th from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for our Sacred Reading workshop at the First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, OK.

Pianist, conductor, composer and clinician Joel Raney will introduce more than 40 new Easter and General Church Service titles for choir from the top sheet music publisher, including Alfred, Hal Leonard, Lorenz, and Shawnee Press.

Registration fee is $10 and includes refreshments (served at 8:30 am) and complimentary music packets including most of the titles presented.

For more information or to register, call Pender’s Music Company at (405) 842-7825 or (800) 772-8405 or email us at


Easter Anthems – Pender’s Top 25

If you’re a choral director who is involved in a church music ministry, perhaps one of the toughest jobs you may have is simply selecting the music that will be used for each service. There are many things to consider:  The message, the musicianship and capabilities of your choir, your audience, the time you have to prepare, etc.

And that decision can be made even more difficult when the music is to be used for a holiday or celebration service. With so many choices out there, it’s sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed in trying to pick the right music at the right time that’s just perfect for you and your group. With Easter now a few weeks away, it’s likely that those decisions were made some time ago. But, if for some reason you’re still looking for something, here’s a Pender’s Top 25 list of SATB Anthems for Easter.

And who knows? Save this list, and maybe you can use something from it next year!

22848661  Hallelujah Resurrection Day (Shackley)

22848161  Cup of Sorrow (Berry)
22847361  His Eye is on the Sparrow (arr. Hayes)

22826561  Christ is Risen (Pote)

22835861  Let the Rocks Cry Out (Sterling)

22873861  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (arr. Forrest)

22830261  He is Alive (Raney)

22852261  Crown Him Redeemer King (arr. Shackley)

22826661  Joy in the Morning (Sleeth/arr. Raney)

22873561  I Know that My Redeemer Lives (arr. Forrest)

22850461  Glorious Risen Christ (Larson)

22848961  I Will Rise (arr.
22847261  Lord Have Mercy (Choplin)

22850861  To Calvary (Koerts)

17528061  Shouts of Hosanna (Purifoy)

22848061  Blessed is He Who Comes (Mayo)

21653161  The Cross (Beethoven/arr. Young)

22835461  Alleluia Christ is Risen (arr. Pethel)

22851661  Power of His Blood (arr. Curry)

22836461  Man of Sorrows (Sorenson)

22848261  Resurrection Power (Fettke)

22842861  Canticle for Easter (Haydn & Mozart/arr. Williams)
22841961  Enter Paradise (Stone & Braselton/arr. Stone)
22820961  Agnus Dei (Smith/arr. Larson)
22847461  Mystery of the Savior’s Love (Schram & Baertschi)


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